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This article is about the statutory declarations that the visa applicant and sponsor write to support their partner visa application (sometimes referred to your partner visa personal statements).

If you would like information of the Form 888 Statutory declaration to be completed by your friends and family, you can read our dedicated article here:

What form should you use?

For a statutory declaration, you are best to use the Commonwealth Statutory Declaration template, which can be found here.

If you aren’t in Australia, you should use the equivalent in your country.

The Department does provide statutory declaration templates for the sponsor and the partner visa applicant but you don’t have to use these. You can write your own statement and just use the blank Commonwealth Statutory Declaration.

What key points need to be addressed?

Your statutory declarations need to cover:

  • The development of the relationship
  • Financial aspects of the relationship
  • Nature of the commitment
  • Social aspects of the relationship

But aren’t these points covered by evidence?

Yes! The documents that you provide should be consistent with the information you provide in your stat decs. You can also reference documents for further information within your declaration.

Do you have to do a stat dec each?

Yes! Both the visa applicant and the sponsor need to write separate statutory declarations, from their own perspective and in their own words. While the information included in both will be similar, it will not be the same.

Does it have to be in English?

If your partner is not confident to write the stat dec in English, that’s fine. They can write in whatever language they are most comfortable in. The declaration will then have to be translated into English by an accredited translator. You can find out who can translate your documents here:

So what should you actually write?

You need to write factually and from the heart.

Make sure you address all of these points:

  • The development of the relationship
  • Financial aspects of the relationship
  • Nature of the commitment
  • Social aspects of the relationship

Let’s break it down.

The Development of the Relationship

You should discuss how you met, what the early stages of your relationship was like, when it got serious, what your relationship is like now and what you plan for the future.

Financial Aspects of the Relationship

What joint finances do you have? How do you share financial responsibility? Have you made any big purchases together?

Nature of the Commitment

You should discuss the length of your relationship and why and how you are committed to each other. What future plans do you have together?

Social Aspects of the Relationship

What do you like to do together? Do you have joint activities? Do you see your friends and family? The Department wants to know, as a couple, how you spend your time.

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