Form 888 Statutory Declaration: Everything You Need to Know to Fill it in Correctly

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The Form 888 is a statutory declaration to be completed by friends and/ or family of the couple explaining their views on the relationship and experiences with the couple. The Form 888s are very important relationship evidence and go to demonstrate both the social aspects of the relationship and that your relationship as a couple is accepted by your friends and family.

If your family member/ friend is an Australian citizen or permanent resident then they should definitely use the Form 888 form. If the person is overseas, they can complete the equivalent of a statutory declaration in their country.

This is formal document that carries significant weight. People who make false statements in a Statutory Declaration can be fined and even imprisoned. Statutory Declarations must be witnessed by specific persons, such as doctors, nurses, government officials, legal practitioners and a few authorised others.

The Form 888 has a set format with specific questions.

Anybody completing Form 888 must be at least 18 years old and preferably be an Australian citizen or permanent resident. In these cases, all documents must be witnessed and certified according to the rules of the country where statements are made.

When choosing a friend or a family member to support and sign one of these documents, make sure that they genuinely know you and your partner and fully understand and support your application. The Department can contact family members and friends to confirm facts and the information provided.

Form 888 PDF

You can download a PDF version of the Form 888 here.

How to fill in Form 888 statutory declaration

When your friends or family ask for guidance to fill in the Form 888, what should you tell them? Be honest! They need to write a truthful assessment of how they see your relationship. This may include observations of examples of conversations they have had with you about your feelings, commitment and future plans. They can include examples of the types of social activities that they do with you as a couple. How long have they known each partner? Have they been to your home? How often are they in contact with you? Be specific – reference events and dates.

Remember that the case officer reading the Form 888 doesn’t know the couple. The Form 888 is used to paint a picture of the genuineness of the relationship.

The person completing the Form 888 may be contacted by the Department and they may be asked to provide a number of statutory declarations throughout the processing of the partner visa.

How many should you provide?

The Department requires a minimum of two. We generally recommend that our clients provide a minimum of four Form 888s.

Form 888 example

The Form 888 is an extremely personal document that demonstrates a person’s interpretation of your relationship and how they have seen you as a couple. The Form 888 should be a detailed as possible and contain the person’s honest assessment of the relationship. Examples of Form 888s from other couples will not be helpful.

We’re addressed how to answer some of the harder questions below.

Form 888 Question 3

State how you know the applicant and the applicant’s partner or fiancé(e), and indicate how often you have been in contact with them.

This question should be very easy to answer. How do you know the applicant? For example, did you work with them, are they married to your child? What year did you meet them? In what circumstances? How often are in touch with the visa applicant? Do you talk on the phone, via email or meet in person?

Form 888 Question 4

State whether you believe the relationship of the applicant and his/her partner or fiancé(e) to be genuine and continuing, and give your reasons for your belief.

What have they told you about their relationship? What have you observed about the relationship? What are the things about their relationship that makes you believe it is genuine and continuing? Have they discussed their future plans with you? It can be helpful to use specific examples.

Form 888 Question 5

State any other matters you wish to add in support of the visa application.

This question is optional and allows you to say anything else you would like to say. For example, how has the applicant been accepted by your family? What is the applicant’s role in your friendship group? Why do you wish that the applicant will be granted the visa?


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