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Demonstrating Financial Ties in Partner Visa Applications

Proving financial ties between you and your partner or spouse can be overwhelming at times. Although the Department of Home Affairs gives limited direction for your application, it is easy to find stories on the internet where applications were flat out denied despite those recommendations being followed.

Lodging an application to sponsor your partner not only requires that you submit the right paperwork, but also demands a great deal of common sense. Here is why:

The Department has tough measures in place to scrutinise applications for partner visas. This is to avoid fraud. There are instances where the partner visa category has been misused by people whose sole intention is to obtain permanent residency in Australia. This is frustrating for people in legitimate relationships because they too have to to deal with the government’s extra caution.  

You always have to keep the Department’s perspective in the back of your mind when you complete your application and when you prepare your supporting documents. You must demonstrate that you and your partner or spouse have a solid financial relationship.

What does a solid financial relationship mean?

Firstly, it most likely does not happen overnight. For example, you may wish to show that you have cash in your bank account, and that you transferred cash into your partner’s account on a certain date. You can print out a bank statement that demonstrates money flowing between you. This is not enough to give details of the financial aspects of the relationship.. You still need to show an evolving, mutually supportive and constructive partnership. When did you establish a joint account? It’s not that helpful if you open one for the purpose of the application and there are no transactions recorded. 

When thinking about the Department’s goal of making sure that relationships are legitimate, it is critical that supporting documents demonstrate that your relationship has been and will be ongoing. Even if one of you is not the “breadwinner”, it is important that you show that your financial relationship has evolved. Does rent come out of your joint account? Who pays for plane tickets and hotel accommodation? 

Consider any previous tax returns, rental agreements, joint bills or large financial outlays such as white goods. These examples would help you establish a fuller picture of your financial relationship.

Finally, remember that in spite of all guidelines, criteria and rules, there will be a human being on the other side of the counter who will evaluate and decide on your application. With that in mind, put yourself in that person’s shoes. What message do you think your supporting documents would convey if you were reviewing your documents and you didn’t know you and your partner? 

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