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Partner Visa Australia Checklist

The partner visa process can seem very complicated and overwhelming. We find it helps to break the process down and take it one step at a time. Here is our step-by-step Partner Visa Australia Checklist (including the Partner Visa 820 Checklist).

1. VEVO Search

A Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO) search is the essential first step and can be done very quickly on the Department’s website. This allows you to check your eligibility to apply for the visa, as well as any relevant conditions that might exist on your existing visa.

If your current visa has ‘Condition 8503 – No Further Stay’ this means you are not entitled to apply for another visa while you are in Australia.

2. Compile all the documents in your partner visa checklist, with any required translations

This step can take quite a bit of time. Have a think about which documents might be harder or more time consuming to collect (such as police clearances) and start this earlier in the process. You can find more details on who can translate documents for
you here.

If you need document checklists, these are all part of the Partner Visa Co’s DIY Partner Visa Guide. You can find more information here. 

2. Complete the Character Form (Form 80).

It is not compulsory that you submit this form with your application, but recommended. We like to submit an application that is as complete as possible – and you will need to do it at some point.

Now, be warned, this form is extensive and probing! You will need to list information about your family, residential, travel, work, study and criminal history.

4. Create an Immi Account

The easy step! Simply go to and create yourself an Immi Account. You will submit your application and upload all your documents through your Immi Account.

Partner visas have to be done online and can no longer be submitted on paper.

5. Complete your application in your Immi Account

Select the visa you wish to apply for (subclass 820, subclass 300 or subclass 309) and Immi Account will take you through the process one page at a time.

You can save your application and come back as many times as you like.

6. Pay the Visa Application Charge

You can’t actually apply for the visa without paying your visa application fee in a lump sum. Be aware that if your visa is refused, the Government won’t give you a refund. You are paying for the processing, not for the visa.

7. Complete the Sponsorship application

This is the sponsorship form and, yep, you guessed it – it needs to be filled out by the sponsoring partner! It’s not as long as the other forms required for the applicant, but still sizeable and just as important. You can’t complete it online until the application is submitted.

8. Upload your Documents

Phew, you made it through the Partner Visa Checklist! You are allowed to upload a maximum of 100 documents to your Immi Account. You don’t need to do it all on the day you apply. Indeed, you can continue to add documents over the coming months if you find something new and relevant for the Department to consider.

If you need support and guidance with your partner visa application, be sure to check out the Partner Visa Co’s exclusive DIY Partner Visa Guide.

The Partner Visa Guide includes:

  • A copy of our exclusive ‘the Ultimate DIY Partner Visa Guide’, which contains all the guidance and tips you need to lodge the perfect application – from start to finish. These resources have been developed by over a number of years to ensure they are useful, relevant and up-to-date for you.
  • Guidance on your statements
  • Guidance on Bridging Visas
  • Guidance on work rights
  • Guidance on Character forms

Save Time

Save dozens of hours using our guides and templates

Save money

Save $9,910 on agent fees by doing the work yourself

Protect your investment

Be confident you are doing everything right

valuable insights

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Partner Visa Australia Checklist

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