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Evidence of Relationship: Give Details of the Social Aspects of the Relationship

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‘Give Details of the Social Aspects of the Relationship’ is an essential criterion for partner visa applications. It is important that you and your partner /spouse demonstrate that you live an authentic life as a couple. Like most people, this includes having healthy and normal interaction with friends, family and co-workers. From the point of view of the Partner Visa application, you should keep in mind that the Department is looking for evidence that you and your partner present yourselves to family and friends as a couple, and are accepted by them as such.

When lodging your application, evidence you might consider providing includes, photographs taken during social events, family gatherings and trips. If you go to a gym together or are affiliated to a religious organisation, then proof of membership can certainly be included in your application, as they will show commitment and social connection. Another example: if you have traveled together, you can submit a copy of your travel tickets, hotel bill or even your travel insurance. These simple documents not only will demonstrate that you have a social life, but also will reinforce the message that your relationship is genuine and solid.

Interaction with friends and family are an important aspect used by the Department to gauge how genuine your relationship is. Emails, correspondence and cards can be attached to your application as well. Similarly, Christmas, birthday celebrations, weddings photographs and any other ways you can think of to show family connection between you, your partner and your families are valuable pieces of evidence.

Last but not least: social media. This is a simple way to provide evidence on the social aspects of your relationship. If both you and your partner have online presence, then provide links, handles and other information to help the Department confirm that you have friends, share common interests and do things together. You can also provide screenshots of interactions. In a time where everybody is connected through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or have a digital presence one way or another, it is reasonable to assume that the Department will investigate your relationship online as well.

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