Partner Visa Migration Agent

Partner Visa Migration Agent

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Do you need a migration agent to assist you with your partner visa? The answer is – it depends.

It depends on:

–          Your relationship circumstances

–          Whether you have any health or character concerns

–          How much time you have to dedicate to the visa application

–          Your financial status

Plenty of people successfully lodge a partner visa on their own. However, sometimes it is necessary to have a partner visa migration agent (for example, where your situation is complicated or unique).

But if you’re unsure whether you need a migration agent to manage the whole visa application process for you, or just need a bit of guidance and support along the way, then we have designed our unique Partner Visa Self-Lodgement Support Package just for you.

You can find out all the details on the Partner Visa Self-Lodgement Support Package here, but in summary, you would get:

·       The Partner Visa Guide for Self-Lodgers

·       All guidance, templates and document lists you will need

·       Assistance with the evidence required to prove your de facto relationship

·       Guidance on your statements

·       Guidance on Bridging Visas

·       Guidance on work rights

·       Guidance on transition to permanency

·       Guidance on Character forms

Find out if you are eligible:

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