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Relationship Evidence

The most critical aspect of your application for an Australian Visitor Visa is proving that you are in a genuine relationship, which will last and that you are committed to a life in Australia together.

There is no limit to the amount or variety of evidence that you may provide to demonstrate your commitment to each other.

But there is a key set of evidence, which you must provide – and beyond those, some evidence is more valuable than others.

This is where expertise and experience with partner visa applications becomes truly valuable; Partner Visa Co experts have been involved in hundreds of Partner Visa applications.

We know exactly what, and how much, relationship evidence you will need for a successful partner visa application. And we’re here to help you get yours sooner.

Demonstrating Financial Ties in Partner Visa Applications

Proving financial ties between you and your partner or spouse can be overwhelming at times. Although the Department of Home Affairs gives limited direction for your application, it is easy to find...

Registering Your De Facto Relationship in Australia: Everything You Need to Know

If you’re asking this question, you are worried that the Department might think you fall short of the requirements of a ‘De Facto’ relationship for your partner visa application. This is a legitimate...

Evidence of Relationship: Give Details of the Social Aspects of the Relationship

‘Give Details of the Social Aspects of the Relationship’ is an essential criterion for partner visa applications. It is important that you and your partner /spouse demonstrate that you...

Details of the Nature of the Commitment the Applicant and the Sponsor have to each other

Evidence of Relationship: Give Details of the Nature of the Commitment the Applicant and the Sponsor have to each other What do you need to provide the Department of Home Affairs when they ask you to...

Evidence of Relationship: Give details of the development of the relationship between the applicant and the sponsor

Further Statement About the Relationship An essential part of a strong application is when it clearly shows a mutual and genuine relationship. As you and your partner gather evidence and provide...

Evidence of Relationship: Give Details of The Nature of the Household

When lodging a partner visa, the best way to prove the ‘nature of your household’ is to demonstrate how you share your responsibilities at home. From providing copies of your internet and gas bill to...

Can You Apply for an Australian Partner Visa with a Short De Facto Relationship?

In Australia, the Partner Visa is a pathway for individuals who are in a genuine and committed relationship with an Australian citizen, permanent resident, or eligible New Zealand citizen. One of the...

Form 888: Everything You Need to Know to Fill it in Correctly

The Form 888 for the Partner Visa is a form to be completed by friends and/ or family of the couple explaining their views on the relationship and experiences with the couple. The Form 888s are very...

Understanding De Facto Relationships and Visa Requirements in Australia

This is one of the most straightforward, and yet also one of the most vexed, that people ask. The general legal definition of a ‘de facto’ relationship is one in which a person and their partner...
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