Evidence of Relationship: Give Details of the Nature of the Commitment the Applicant and the Sponsor have to each other

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What do you need to provide the Department of Home Affairs when they ask you to ‘Give Details of the Nature of the Commitment the Applicant and the Sponsor have to each other’?

When assessing the legitimacy of your relationship with your partner, the Department will evaluate how committed to each other you are. Is your bond mutual and solid? How long have you known each other for? How long have you been in a relationship?

The better you show a relationship built on common grounds, with a shared vision of a future together, the better your chances of success are. Evidence you may wish to submit with your application include joint travel bills, letters, emails, chats, texts and cards you may have exchanged with your partner from the moment your relationship started. Even if, for whatever reason, you were physically separated for a period of time, make sure to provide evidence of continued communication, support and companionship between the two of you. This shows ongoing and enduring commitment.

From a broader perspective, the Department will verify the nature of your commitment by having a close look at how your relationship has evolved overtime and in a variety of situations. One way the Department does that is by assessing if you have knowledge of each other’s personals life, affairs and circumstances, traits commonly expected of couples who are in genuine relationships.

You need to demonstrate that you see your relationship as long term. If you are planning on getting married, then provide evidence. If you have a child or are expecting one, then provide details of the pregnancy. You can submit a copy of your will, for instance, as evidence that you are planning for a long-lasting life together. 

Gathering evidence and deciding what is relevant and what is not can be an overwhelming task. But it is critical! All relevant details must be properly laid out in order for you to properly articulate and demonstrate that you are in a truly committed relationship. Make sure that your and your partner’s statements, stories, descriptions, documents and evidence are clear and consistent.  


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