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Do I need to translate my documents into English? Who can do the translating for me?

Any migration-related document that is in a language other than English is to be supported with a translated copy. If the document is translated in Australia, the translator has to be accredited by NAATI (National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters).

If the document has been translated outside Australia then the translator must provide his/her full name, address, telephone number and their qualifications and experience in the language being translated.

Documents that require translation

Documents that are needed to be translated for migration to Australia include your birth certificate, driver’s license, marriage certificate, educational certificates, employment records, degrees and diplomas or any other document that is to be submitted as part of the visa application.

Often, police clearance certificates, de facto relationship certificates, military certificates, identity documents, change of name certificates, along with academic records and transcripts are also to be supported with translated copies. For providing evidence of de facto relationships you should consider submitting translated copies of documents such as joint bank accounts or correspondence and bills in joint names.

Any document that is required for the purpose of residency and citizenship in Australia has to be translated by accredited translators. The translator should also be capable of providing extract translation that are sometime needed for visa purposes.

Who can translate documents for immigration Australia?

For all official requirements you should be extremely careful with the quality of translation. Authorities may reject your application if they feel the documents submitted by you are false or have misleading information. You should always be sure of the quality of the translation.

Certified Copies

Certified copies of original documents instead of original documents are generally to be submitted for all visa and migration-related purposes. These copies should be authorised as being true copies by either a person or an agency recognised by the law of your country. Departmental offices outside Australia always have a person who is authorised to certify or witness your documents.

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