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Evidence of Relationship: Give details of the development of the relationship between the applicant and the sponsor

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An essential part of a strong application is when it clearly shows a mutual and genuine relationship. As you and your partner gather evidence and provide details about your commitment to each other, keep in mind that the Department needs to know how your relationship started and how it has evolved overtime.

It is important that you demonstrate that your relationship has been built on mutual financial, physical and emotional support. The best way to organize your ideas when explaining the ‘development of the relationship’, is by remembering three key words: past, present and future.

The Past refers to the fact that the Department will be interested in understanding the personal circumstances in which you and your partner met each other. Did you meet by chance? Were you introduced by a friend? Did you meet on an internet dating site? What motivated you to date each other? When did things start getting serious? Dates and specifics are important. 

The Present makes reference to your current marriage or de facto relationship. You should provide details about your current domestic arrangement. This is a valuable opportunity for you to show how you share responsibilities at home, including paying bills, housework and looking after your children (if relevant). In a stable and lasting relationship, couples make decisions together, have friends and provide all sorts of mutual support in good times and in times of distress. These, for example, are elements that the Department will be looking for.

The Future, although uncertain, is something that couples in committed relationships would most likely think about. Showing that you and your partner have plans for the future indicates that you focused on stability and a long-term relationship. It shows that you share common goals. The more you demonstrate that, the stronger your application will be.

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