Australia Partner Visa & De Facto Relationships for 6 months: Can you apply?

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So you’re in a committed de facto relationship and want to apply for a partner visa to Australia? But you’ve only been in the de facto relationship for 6 months… can you still apply?

The short answer is yes with a but. You will need to take some additional steps first.

The Department of Home Affairs defines a de facto relationship as one that has been ongoing for at least 12 months. If your relationship is under 12 months and you aren’t married, the Department won’t grant you a partner visa.

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However, there is a BUT! If you have registered your relationship in one of the Australian states or territories that allows relationship register, then you can avoid the 12-month rule.

This means, even if you have only been in a de facto relationship for 6 months, you could still apply for a partner visa.

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Remember that registering your relationship is no guarantee that you will get the visa. You still need to meet all the other requirements and present lots of relationship evidence.

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