Form 80 – Do I need to complete it for my partner visa application?

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There is not a straight yes or no answer as to whether you need to complete the Form 80 when you apply for a partner visa, however we always complete it for our clients. 

Form 80 (Personal particulars for assessment including character assessment) is part of the character assessment undertaken for permanent visa applicants.

Form 80 has been increasingly requested by Case Officers. Although Form 80 does not appear as a required document on the Partner Visa checklist, chances are that you may be asked to submit one later one. It is up to the Case Officer if they want to request it.

In any case, it is highly recommended that your partner visa application be as decision ready as possible. By submitting Form 80 in advance, (that is, when you lodge your application), you will avoid potential delays down the track. The idea is to provide your Case Officer with as much information as possible when you lodge so that your application is held up. From a procedural fairness point of view, the Case Officer will ask you to provide more information and will put your application aside until your response is received – you will no longer be on top of the pile.

There can be advantages to completing and submitting Form 80 in advance. When filling out your Partner visa application, you will already have gathered most of the information need to complete Form 80. You will need extra patience though, as completing the form will probably take at least a few hours.

The Department has placed significant importance on character assessment in the last few years. The best strategy to avoid delays caused by the unexpected is to think ahead.


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