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Tourist visa while waiting for Partner visa

Tourist Visa to Partner Visa

Visitor (Tourist) Visas intersect with Partner Visas in two ways:

Applying for a Tourist visa while waiting for partner visa

If you are waiting for a Partner Visa in Australia and wish to visit the country in the meantime, you may consider applying for a Tourist Visa. A Tourist Visa allows you to enter and stay in Australia for a temporary period for purposes such as tourism, visiting family and friends, or engaging in short-term recreational activities. It is important to note that a Tourist Visa does not grant you the right to work or study in Australia.

Until a couple of years ago, the Department did not consider that a person wishing to visit their partner in Australia, when that person had a Partner Visa application in train, could be a ‘Genuine Temporary Entrant’. The logic for this was simple – if a person has indicated a desire to live in Australia permanently, how can it be said that they will want to leave when their visa expires?

Thankfully, the Department now understands the illogical nature of this reasoning. For one thing, a Partner Visa application lodged offshore can only be granted when the person is outside Australia – so of course they intend to depart Australia(!)

So now the Department is being much friendlier to families, by accepting that couples should be able to spend time together while they wait for the extremely slow processing phase to complete.

In short, if you’ve lodged an application for an Offshore Partner visa Australia (Subclass 309), you can absolutely apply to come to Australia for a visit while you wait. This isn’t to say you’ll automatically have that visa granted, but you’ll at least be given fair consideration.

Applying for a Tourist Visa while waiting for a Spouse Visa can provide an opportunity to spend time with your partner in Australia while your Partner Visa application is being processed. However, it is crucial to be aware of the conditions and limitations of the Tourist Visa. Generally, you must satisfy the requirements of the Tourist Visa, including demonstrating genuine intent to visit Australia temporarily, having sufficient funds to cover your stay, and showing ties to your home country that will ensure your departure from Australia at the end of your visit.

It is important to consult with a registered migration agent or carefully review the official Australian immigration website to ensure you understand the specific requirements and conditions associated with the Tourist Visa. Additionally, it is recommended to plan your travel arrangements and visa application well in advance, as processing times for Tourist Visas can vary, and you want to ensure your travel plans align with the processing timeline of your Partner Visa.

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